10 Famous Vegans and Reasons They’ve Gone Vegan

These top 10 celebrity vegans are just a few of many that switched to a vegan lifestyle. Many celebrities today are vegans but lots of people don’t know that fact. Some of them were passionate meat lovers, but they have improved their lifestyle with a vegan diet. Now in the 21st century, we have more conscience than earlier. People think more about animals, animal rights, their own health, and environment. Here is our list of top 10 celebrity vegans:

1. Anthony Kiedis

10 most famous vegans

Larger than life frontman for the ultra-popular funk band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis made a confession to PETA bosses, “Soon after I went vegan,I saw some documentary footage of what happens in the factory farming of cows… It sealed the deal.” Also said in an interview “Steak doesn’t speak to me, and tempeh is right on”. After years of turbulent on and off stage life and a highly-publicized struggle with addiction, Anthony Kiedis now represents the new model of healthy living by Men’s Fitness magazine and he’s buffer than buff, undoubtedly owing it to Veganism.

2. Ellen DeGeneres


A fascinating personality, a stand-up comedian, television host, and most important of all a Vegan and animal rights activist. DeGeneres is a vegan who calls herself a “big animal lover”. She coordinates a vegan outreach website titled ‘Going Vegan with Ellen’ in which she promotes “Meatless Mondays” and features vegan recipes. She has several times invited Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle to speak on her show about the organization’s efforts in animal protection legislation. In April 2013, she donated $25,000 to stop Ag-Gag anti-whistleblower legislation in Tennessee, which would prohibit undercover investigators from recording footage of animal abuse on farms. DeGeneres served as campaign ambassador to Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project in 2010, asking people to start “a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one” at Thanksgiving. She intended to open a vegan tapas bar, Bokado, in Los Angeles,but unfortunately plans fell through. Her most famous quote goes like this: “You ask people why they have deer heads on the wall. They always say, Because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother’s attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

10 most famous vegans Gwinet Paltrow

One of the most avid advocates for vegan food and healthy life nowadays is certainly a Hollywood superstar Gwyneth Paltrow. She had been suffering from various health problems before switching to veganism. The result changed her life, says the actress. She says she’s not feeling exhausted all the time any more. She’s created various recipes and put them together with details of her diet in her new book: “It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.” The elimination diet that she follows when she wants to boost her energy and shed pounds eliminates meat, eggs, dairy and sugar. Think that’s nothing left? Gwyneth told the renowned Dr. Oz that she feels the recipes prove that you really can eat well on a restrictive diet.

4. Brad Pitt


To leave out from the list the big screen heart-throb for women all around the globe would be outrageous, especially when you acknowledge the fact that he joined long time ago the group of vegans and adding to that, he’s an ardent animal rights activist. Brad Pitt hates red meat so much he gets annoyed whenever he witnesses his partner Angelina Jolie eating it. Since Brad Pitt is vegan, he also gets mad when he sees his children eating animal based products. One of his strongest arguments and what he can incessantly go on about is the damage caused by methane gases from cattle and that should be the reason strong enough for his family to go veggie. What to say further… Brad should be a poster boy for veganism.

5. Alec Baldwin


Another celebrity added to the list of those who chose to go vegan for the sake of body and soul. The situation wasn’t at all positive for actor Alec Baldwin when he was diagnosed in May 2011 as pre-diabetic, something 79 million other Americans are facing. He immediately went about changing his diet, switched to Veganism and, naturally, took up some yoga and pilates along the way, too. One of his most famous quotes related to Veganism says it all: “I quit eating beef when I was somewhere between 10 and 13 because we do have cows and I did bottle feed them and stuff like that. They were like my pets. I had an incident one day that made me refuse to eat beef ever, ever again. Later on, my neighbor had pigs, and I thought they were cute, and it just kind of went on and on from there. I phased it out over a period of time. My parents were actually banding calves. I don’t know if you know what that means. I’m not going to explain it to you. … Basically, it was to make them grow bigger so people could eat them, and they were so cute, and it just made me sad.” You can often find him dining at the gourmet vegan eatery Pure Food and Wine. The restaurant, a popular healthy retreat for celebs,is well-known for its deliciously awesome animal-free cuisine and artistic food presentation. And if you by any chance find love in a vegan eatery, just like he did, you’ll grow fond of this way of life even more, that’s for sure.

6. Olivia Wilde

10 most famous vegans Olivia Wilde

Olivia is an American actress who has appeared in a number of television and film productions. She was named for PETA sexiest Vegan 2010 and she is a huge representative of vegan lifestyle. She was vegetarian since she was 12 and turned vegan few years ago. She often found it challenging to be a vegan even though she had been a vegetarian for years but it’s something what she want and it’s not so hard after a while. She has a few of her own vegan recipes that are very tasty.

7. Prince Rogers Nelson


American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor who has produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career. He has written and produced few thousand songs and most of us know him but not so many people know that Prince is a vegan. He switched to the vegan diet in 90’s. In 2006, Prince was voted Sexiest Vegetarian in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ annual contest.

8. Steve O

One of the most famous of the jackass actors is also Vegan. He attributes his conversion to a religious experience during his time in rehab for a cocaine addiction. Apparently, a Krishna Consciousness youtube video motivated him enough to begin fearing animal consumption. Here is one of his statement : ” I got into being vegan because I was simply looking to benefit from being more compassionate’’ . He also is the narrator in Farm Sanctuary. 


9. Bryan Adams


Despite his immense success as a musician, Bryan Adams is a little less famous for his compassion and advocating for animals rights. Bryan Adams has been vegan for past 25 years. He completely stopped eating animals in 1989 and still persists in vegan lifestyle. Bryan Adams stands strongly against cruel animal practices, such as: animals caged in small pens, animals in zoos, circuses or rodeos; and factory farming, such as hens in battery cages, pigs in cramped stalls, and cattle feedlots. When he was asked about the particular area of animal exploitation that he finds particularly disturbing he answered:”Supermarkets. It’s too easy for people to just pick up a piece of meat and have no idea that it was a living animal at one time.”

10. Moby


This is an American singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and photographer has been vegan for 26 years and he also gives huge support to animal rights. He released a studio album in 1996 called Animal Rights. Here is his statement why is he became vegan : Basically it was the same criteria that led me to be a vegetarian, which were essentially that I liked animals and I didn’t want to do anything that contributed to their suffering. Finding out more about chickens kept in battery farms and dairy cows confined in cages led me to be vegan.”

More Famous Vegans – Beyond Brad Pitt

In addition to these vegan celebrities, the sports world is also filled with well-known vegans. These 10 famous vegan athletes prove that it’s possible to build a strong, healthy body with a completely plant-based diet. Their compassionate lifestyle and commitment to the cause helps drive awareness of the vegan lifestyle throughout the world.


  1. Please don't imply that Ellen is an ethical vegan - she owns a dog food company which kills animals and was/is a covergirl so therefore promotes animal testing. Ethical Veganism is about more than what you shove in your face.
    • I think this comment is bollocks and people like you are twats. A plant based lifestyle is HUGE. Promoting it when you have the public presence that Ellen does is HUGE. Every choice like this is a life saved. Not everyone is a saint like you appear to be. Way can't we celebrate successes and the promise of change? Way to focus on the negative.
      • It's a fact, she's not vegan. She actively profits from the misery and death of animals. Much more so than the average meat eater in fact. She's just released a leather shoe line for gods sake. I'm not a saint, nowhere near, but I don't appreciate somebody claiming to be a vegan when they are not. She can promote compassion all she wants and that's great but that's a separate issue.
        • It's probably all PR and BS for her. I don't agree with vegan ism at all but at least if people are going to make the claim then don't be a hypocrite or half ass it. She promotes and profits from the chemical Laden poison of women's make up and totally biologically wrong, and poor quality, kibble that do indeed make pets sick and profit off inhumane slaughter and rendering practices not to mention GMOs and worse. The shoe thing doesn't surprise me at all. Another Hollywood shill making a quick buck and misleading the masses. As if she uses cheap make ups like cove girl or at home hair dyes etc.
        • nonetheless she is more useful to the vegan movement than you. I'm not vegan and I'm just saying this cause you read it like there are vegans better than other vegans. Technically what she says and represent saves more animal than you would do in your entire life. And just to be fair: from our (not vegans) perspective, vegans like you are the reason why we don't even accept to inform ourselves about veganism, cause we think u're a bunch of selfish, dumb, irrational, out-of-reality cunts.
          • "I'm just saying this cause you read it like there are vegans better than other vegans."There are, vegans that adhere strictly to the lifestyle they claim to follow and do everything in their power to minimise animal suffering and death are ofcourse better than people that claim to live the lifestyle when they dont."selfish, dumb, irrational, out-of-reality cunts."veganism is the least selfish diet as its putting compassion for other beings over our own greed.it isnt dumb or irrational at all, as it is the most ethical and healthiest diet known to man, which has numerous studies supporting it and is promoted by some of the worlds leading nutrition experts as it helps prevent and in some cases even reverse serious conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. http://www.dresselstyn.com/site/study03/and you are more of a n"out-of-reality cunt" than any vegan as even if you have no compassion and no soul and dont care for other sentient beings suffering there is also the fact that animal agriculture is greatly harming the environment. http://www.worldwatch.org/files/pdf/Livestock%20and%20Climate%20Change.pdfYou are entitled to your own opinion, but you disagreeing doesn't change the cold hard facts which prove irrefutably that the world would be better in multiple ways if people went vegan
    • Well maybe once she's enlightened to these facts, she would make changes or adjustments.She obviously wants to be a positive compassionate human so we have to give her a chance no?
  2. This is an old article, are you sure half these people are still Vegan. I was pretty sure Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't any longer.
  3. Seen this!!??100% plant-powered action manTimothy “Livewire” Shieff’s mind-blowing physical feats are performed on diet of only plantshttp://www.ecohustler.co.uk/2015/10/06/100-plant-powered-action-man/
    • You don't think vegans can get huge? Mr. Universe winner, Barney Du Plessis is a vegan. One of the strongest men in the world, Patrick Baboumian is vegan. Hell even take a look at John Venus, he's not even a professional and has more muscle than 99% of people.
  4. Nice post.It's really sad when some of these celebs fall off the bandwagon, so to speak. But any bit of main stream attention that they can bring veganism is always a good thing.I actually recently wrote a post about my favorite vegan quotes by celebrities. It features a lot of the same people you mentioned here. Feel free to check it out :) http://www.vegrep.com/celebrity-vegan-quotes/
  5. Alec Baldwin isn't vegan. On Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, Alec ordered a tuna fish sandwich.
  6. I have admired Prince for over 30 years. And during the same period I've gone full circle with my own exploration of diet. While it may seem insensitive, my opinion is that, more than any other factor, it was the genocidal diet — veganism — that killed Prince. Google: Vegans Ask Questions - Weston A Price
    • Clearly you have no knowledge of nutrition whatsoever to claim that the healtheist diet known to man is responsible for this.There are studies proving that vegan diets not only help prevent but in some cases even reverse conditions like heart disease, dieabetes and even cancerhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3662288/
      • ‘Clearly’? You sound so certain, Red — without knowing the first thing about me. Au contraire, mon ami ... I started reading about and experimenting with diet and nutrition over 35 years ago, when I was 17. By age 20, I became a strict vegetarian, for all the usual ‘reasons’. Thought I knew it all, of course. As a result, my health suffered dramatically: serious depression; foggy brain, couldn't make sound decisions, dental decay. Also had a most unusual problem for young men: little to no sex drive!! My 20s were largely wasted due to self-imposed malnutrition.Vegans would tell me I wasn't doing it ‘right’. I tried to be stricter but only pulled myself out deeper. At my worst, I weighed only 145 pounds. What's wrong with that, you ask? Well, I'm 6 feet, 6 inches tall! I almost looked as though I were recently liberated from Auschwitz. One day my mom saw me shirtless, and was mortified. I soon after “relapsed” — giving in to powerful cravings for butter, eggs, cheese and the like — and unwittingly saved my life, with my weight rising to 165 lbs.I finally quit vegetarianism at age 30. Today, in my 50s, I'm like a different person — making far better decisions, stronger libido, mentally sharper and able to work harder than I ever could in my 20s. I now weigh a reasonable 240 lbs. (remember, I'm 6' 6”).Truth is, becoming a strict vegetarian was the worst decision I ever made; it cost me a great deal.So, I have plenty of knowledge and understanding on the subject, but I don’t think that’s what you are interested in, Red. See, you've started with a *belief* and then have gone looking for shreds of pseudo-scientific solace to shore up your position, much like fundamentalist Christians who try to collect ‘evidence’ disproving evolution.Certainly, one can lose weight on a vegan diet, as claimed in one of the papers you cited. That’s because it’s such a starvation regimen. But when scrutinized, many of those studies extolling the virtues of veganism are rife with selection bias, cherry picking, and woefully misrepresented data. One of the most glaring examples of this is in the popular 2005 book, “The China Study,” (2005) by Professor T. Colin Campbell. Here’s a review pointing out the flaws: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/abcs-of-nutrition/the-china-study-myth/More on this: http://www.westonaprice.org/about-the-foundation/vegetarian-tour/OK, that’s all I have to say! I'm un-following this convo.
    • Of course not, it's always about the drugs and the years of deterioration to the heart. They eventually give out. Whitney, Michael now George and so many more not to mention all of our infamous relatives
  7. Prince vegan? Just seen a clip on YouTube where he said his favorite thing to cook is omelet... It's not something even a vegetarian would say
    • It was a question from a fan about whether he does any domestic chores. He paused and said he cooks - just one thing. He loves to cook omelets and that his friends all have high cholesterol. He did not say that he ate it.
      • Veganism is to not use/eat animal products. So then, if that's true, he wouldn't be a vegan
  8. This article is horribly written and outdated. And the title should say "Went" not "Gone". Who wrote this, a 12 year old?
  9. Studies show that being a vegan has adverse effects on the brain..making one mentally ill.http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/side-effects-of-vegetarianism

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