6 Great Vegan Alternatives for the Hardcore Meat Eaters

Heart disease is the leading killer among Americans; high cholesterol has a significant role in this pandemic. Approximately one in every six Americans has high blood cholesterol and one of the main reasons for that is the food they eat. One of the many advantages of a plant-based diet is keeping a low level of cholesterol.

It could be hard to learn where to begin if you’re a hardcore meat-eater searching for plant-based options, but you don’t need to look further! There are so many great plant-based options that any meat-eater will say, “YES!” to. Here are some of them:

1. The Sandwich

When we say sandwiches it usually reminds people of those unhealthy fast-food sandwiches with meat and little vegetables. But there are so many great vegan sandwich alternatives with lot of healthy ingredients.

BBQ tempeh sandwich

BBQ tempeh sandwich

For all those chicken lovers here is a fantastic recipe of BBQ tempeh sandwich made of baked tempeh pieces. You can simply add anything you like to make this sandwich even better for you. This recipe is amazing since it allows you to use the bbq tempeh in a myriad of different modes.

2. The Hamburger

This black bean burger recipe will allow you to to find out how yummy beans could be.


Here’s one more great recipe of vegan hamburgers we tried out recently Lentil Burger. We are sure you will love it.

lentil burgers

3.  Sausage

If you like the taste of sausages we can help you to prepare some of the fantastic vegan alternatives. For example,  Homemade Italian Sausage tastes incredibly delicious. It’s a must try!

Homemade Italian Sausage

You can make various pizzas with these lovely sausages or toasts, sandwiches, or anything that comes up to your mind.

4. Burritos

Your breakfast wouldn’t be the same after you discover the amazing vegan burritos. Just roll this vegan burrito  in a flour tortilla and viola! Breakfast on the go is served!


It will provide you with the fulfillment and flavor of a meat-established burrito, but without all the extra fat, calories, or cholesterol. It’s unquestionably a substantial breakfast you can feel great about eating. Simply add your chosen hot sauce!

5. Seafood

Pescetarians, consider this! Now it is possible to truly call yourselves vegetarians! With these recipes you’ll have your lobster!


Vegan Lobster Bisque are amazing . Simply add some bread or crackers, and enjoy!

6. Pizza

One of the biggest arguments against vegan pizza is the lack of cheese , but with this recipe all arguments are gone.

Roasted Tomato Pizza with Basil Cashew Cheeze

We present you Roasted Tomato Pizza with Basil Cashew Cheeze. Not only it looks wonderful but it also has a beautiful taste and smell.

Hope you enjoy these recipes. If you have more ideas to add, please let us know.



  1. To be honest, the BBQ tempeh sandwich recipe is like a joke written by a meat eater. It's the embodyment of the stereotype that vegans always eat weird, unusual things. If you're trying to impress a 'hardcore meat eater' with a vegan BBQ sandwich, the goal should be to make it look and taste just like a non-vegan BBQ sandwich (ie, just replace the components that contain animal products with vegan substitutes; don't throw in a bunch of other unusual stuff that wouldn't normally be in a BBQ sandwich, and definitely don't make it look like it's got plant branches growing out the sides).
  2. The black bean burger is actually pretty good. I add lots of spice to give it more of a zest. Hardcore non veggies and vegans.... avoid the tempeh at all costs. It is an aquired taste. I have baked it. Grilled it. Fried it. Soaked it. Still gross. Fermented Soy is out. But the Blackbean burger and other similiar types are actually pretty goos with your favorite sauces. I replaced the meat in chili with black bean burger and no one noticed. I was asked to make it again.
    • This is funny to me because I started on tempeh... I love it marinated (lemon pepper us my favorite.) and pan fried for veggie gyros and burritos and everything.
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  4. Good news, pescatarians! You can be as self righteous as the author of this post!Don't be so condescending. Even if someone is only doing meatless Monday, it's better than nothing.

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