8 Cool Vegan Fast Food Breakfast Ideas

Here is  a list of irresistible and scrumptious vegan breakfast ideas that are not only meat-free, but also fast. These are some ideas you may not have thought about before. We present to you – a list of not only amazing tasting food, but awesomely delicious too, and something you would definitely recommend others.

  1. Tofu Lentil Saladdoorsixteen_recipe_tofulentilsalad

Who says breakfast has to be something sweet? Just slice all your favorite vegetables, and add tofu and lentils. Toss them together and simply add all the sauces you like as dressing. It definitely won’t take more than ten minutes and you will love every bite of it. You can make a different one daily, adding new vegetables, making it more delicious. And even change the dressing on a daily basis. What a perfect start to your day with a delicious and fulfilling bowl of juicy and fresh salad. Go out and buy your favorite vegetables, and give this breakfast a try! Full recipe here at doorsixteen.com. 

  1. Chickpea pancakes

Want to try something vegan you have not thought of before? Just go for an amazing chickpea pancake, where you process a can of chickpeas in the food processor – just the way you do for hummus adding tahini and olive oil and some oregano and salt. You just cook them like ordinary pancakes, topping your pancakes with avocados or jalapeños. Thus, you have an amazingly delicious breakfast ready to be savored by you and your family. Yes, you definitely can surprise your family with this awesome recipe of ours. Check out this video for the recipe – and visit Matt’s Youtube channel here for other vegan recipes.

  1. Quick and Easy Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe!

Yes! Nothing tastes better than an amazing sandwich filled with juicy olives, jalapeños and pickled cucumbers, topped with avocado spread on two slices of bread. This would not only tantalize your taste buds with its unique vegan taste but also satisfy your appetite. So if you have a busy day ahead, just don’t worry about feeling hungry, and make yourself a healthy yet fulfilling sandwich which will keep you active throughout the day. You can even take one for your gym trainer- he or she would love it. Check out the video below from Cooking with Plants, and see their Youtube channel here for more amazing recipes!

  1. Vegan Fruity French toastsvegan-Fruit-sandwich

No! Vegan does not mean boring at all. You can always try a golden fried slice of French toast and treat your taste buds with this sweet delight. All you need for making your vegan French toasts is almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, nutritional yeast and cardamom sugar. Make a mixture, dip in your bread and fry it in vegetable oil. You can top it with cardamom sugar and strawberries. This is a short, sweet and cool vegan recipe that you definitely should try. See the full recipe here.

  1.  Wholesome Banana cake in the microwavewpid-wp-1439129319180

Yes, you can make an amazing banana cake for yourself that will be delicious, sweet and totally vegan. Mash two bananas in your favorite cup of coffee. Add flour, coconut oil, crushed walnuts, nutritional yeast and agave syrup (instead of honey). Now put the mug in your microwave for two to five minutes and check using a toothpick if the banana cake is ready. Add some hazelnut spread over the cake and eat it hot. It would be the most amazing breakfast experience of your life. The most amazing thing about this divine cake is that its preparation time is less than seven minutes – just the time you take to make tea or coffee. See the full recipe from “Cooking on a Bootstrap” here. 

  1. Refreshing Mint Smoothie

You need a kick start to your day. Whether it’s a weekend or weekday, simply try this delicious and healthy smoothie which refreshes you and lets you stay active throughout the day. All you need is some fruit, lemon juice, garlic, mint and cold water. Add the ingredients to a blender with some ice and enjoy the refreshing taste and color of an awesome smoothie. Apart from being good to taste, it energizes you greatly as well. So make this one a breakfast routine everyday and it will add freshness to your skin as well. You will definitely work harder at the gym too, because of the dose of energy it provides! Check out the video below, and see Healthy Psyche’s Youtube channel for more nutrition and healthy living content.

  1. Hot Chocolate Banana Nut OatmealFNK_Healthy-Hot-Chocolate-Banana-Nut-Oatmeal_s4x3.jpg.rend_.sni18col

Yes, breakfast without cereal is just too boring, isn’t it? So you definitely need a good cereal to start your day which is both healthy and delicious. This cereal definitely sounds different and it tastes heavenly. Not only is it an awesomely healthy food, but it will make you fall in love with every bite you take. You need to take your favorite brand of oatmeal, sliced bananas, almond milk, honey and cocoa powder in a pan. Let the milk boil while you keep stirring. When the bananas and oatmeal get completely mixed with milk, remove them from the heat and add some chopped almonds. So it can be prepared really fastGet the recipe from Food Network here.

  1. Spicy Lemon and Coriander Vegan Pancakeslemon coriander pancakes

Yes, we saved the most delicious one for the last. This is an amazingly awesome dish that you have never tried before and definitely need to try it now. You will need to add lemon juice, paprika, oregano, fresh coriander and mint into the blender. Take the paste, and add it to a bit of coconut oil and one cup of flour. Now, fry the pancakes just like plain pancakes in vegetable oil. You can top them with some fruit and eat as many as you like. You will definitely love this vegan breakfast food as it is very light, and you will finish every bite without thinking twice!

So try all the recipes above! And let your friends, family and colleagues also taste these amazing, easy to make, fast food dishes that you can have for your breakfast daily and stay healthy. You will not regret trying any of them.