Adzuki Beans With Rice

Adzuki beans supply you with high-quality protein and contain very little fat. It is believed in Microbiotics that it improves the function of the kidneys. If you’re not by any chance able to provide yourself with adzuki beans,you can combine rice with ordinary beans or chickpeas instead.

Adzuki Beans With Rice


  • 1/3 cups of adzuki beans
  • 1 cup of spanish rice (or any rice of your choice)
  • 1 bigger carrot


Wash 1/3 of adzuki beans and soak them overnight. Wash and soak overnight brown rice in 2 cups of water. The next day, throw the water you used for adzuki beans and cook it in very little water for about 15 minutes. After that,dispose of the water. Put rice in an Express pot, together with the water in which it was soaked overnight. Add adzuki beans and ½ a cup of water. Cover the pot and cook for about one hour, at minimum temperature and under medium pressure. 20 minutes before the end of the process, add one bigger carrot cut into cubes. Remove the pot from the heat, let the pressure wane gradually and then, uncover the pot. If necessary cook uncovered for a little while, so that the water could evaporate (this depends on the amount of steam your Express pot gives off during cooking). You can prepare this meal in an ordinary crock pot, but it will take about one and a half hour to cook, and you will have to pour larger quantity of water from the one regularly used for cooking in an Express pot.