Delicious Vegan Ice Cream with Banana and Berries

This is true evidence that ice cream can be creamy, juicy, sweet and delicious without milk eggs or sugar. It’s enough just that  if you have some extra bananas slice them on 5cm wheels and put them in freezer. Then when you want to eat something sweet make from them delicious ice cream. Now before we write how to prepare the ice cream, we have a little warning: do not try this if you have weak blender or mixer because you need strong blender who can crush ice.

 Ingredients for 2 persons :

  • 6 bananas previously cut and frozen.
  • 2 hand of  blackberry or any other  berries



Preparation :

Put frozen bananas and berries in blender and mix. Now, you must be patient because the pieces of frozen  bananas will first go all over the blender. That’s why you need to turn blender off, scrape all the walls of the container where you mix and put it in the bottom of container. You will maybe need to do again the whole procedure until it starts to mix in one creamy ice cream. After you done with blend just serve it on plate. You can pour it with some syrup made from berries but it is not necessary. Also we recommend to eat ice cream right after you make it because it is not so nice if you put it back in freezer and eat if after a while.