How To Become A Vegan

When you think about becoming a vegan your first thoughts would probably be: how to became a vegan, what do vegans eat, do they take enough proteins, do they find restaurants with vegan food everywhere they travel, is the vegan food expensive… These questions are completely reasonable and you wouldn’t believe how the answers are simple.

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First of all you must decide why do you want to be vegan. Why is that good ? One of the first reason is, of course, because it’s compassionate if you are one of the persons that love animals and consider them all living creatures, just like humans. Just think how unnecessary is eating animals and their products when you can find healthier and better alternatives. We do not need animal products in order to feed or clothe ourselves.

Now in 21st century we have internet and by internet I mean access to tons of useful information. In last few years we could see the public awareness on how animals are treated. Animals in farms are treated bad and  fed with GMO, not to mention they are all being killed. Also, many of them suffer from serious health problems because they are selectively bred to grow bigger or produce milk or eggs at a far greater rate than their bodies are capable of coping with.

Another good thing about being vegan is because it’s good for environment. I don’t know have you already read it but the meat industry is one of the most polluted on earth. There are two kinds of farm pollution. First is the waste from animal farms. Science studies have shown that animal farms have 130 times more excrement than it is produced by the entire human population every year. Now the farms have used this excrement for fertilize their fields, but factory farms produce far more waste than the land can absorb. Now unlike human excrement animal excrement have Salmonella and E. coli. The problem is that all that waste is stored in pits that are usually huge. Now animal waste have potentially toxic gases sulfur dioxide, produced by the decomposition of animal wastes, Methane emissions from waste decomposition at Animal farms also contribute to global warming. Also, lot of water pollution is caused by animal farms. Now you have probably heard this sentence ‘’ in future the wars will be because of water and not oil ‘’ well animals farms cause a lot of water pollution. We can stop that.

Here is one more thing that is good for you if you become a vegan. As I have mentioned above animals are fed with GMO food. That means that you eat the meat that is poisoned. That meat is from animals unhealthy fed to grow fast and be sold so the companies can earn lot of money. On your health! It is proven that vegans are healthier and live longer because they don’t eat fat and chemically affected food. In general vegans replace animal food with more nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and so on. If you do that, you will be getting more of the nutrients your body needs, giving you better health, less illness, and more energy. When you are Vegan you are consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat.

Now I have wrote you some reasons why is good to be Vegan. Now here is how to become a vegan. First of all you must decide why you are becoming a vegan. Switching  to the vegan diet is a huge change in your lifestyle. Started from you as individual and then affecting your family, friends, coworkers etc.

Now like I said, that is huge change in your lifestyle but don’t think about it like that. Think about all benefits you get as vegan. You will be healthier, your skin will be more shiny, animal will be happier (and alive) and you protect environment.Think about all that things when you decide to become vegan.

Have fun! Cooking is fun! You can combine lots of different vegetable and their colors and shapes. It will bring interesting look to the meal you cook. There are lots of spices you can decorate with if you want to impress your guests not only with the taste of the meal but also with a beautifully served meal. There are lots of great vegan recipes that are easy to prepare when you don’t want to spend much time on cooking but you can also combine e lot of ingredients by yourself making your own recipes.

Make some food for your friends. Invite them on lunch or dinner and blow their mind with your new different kinds of food. Be sure that you prepare something similar to food they use to eat. Make something that you like. If you have recently turned to vegan diet, prepare them something that you like the most of all recipes that you have tried. Because you didn’t completely get used to vegan food already and if you like it they will like it too. After that make some delicious cake or some creamy beverages or fruity ice creams as a desert. Make them happy with your food you will all enjoy doing that trust me.

When you think of how to become a vegan, here is one more question you will certainly ask: is being vegan expensive. Try to calculate how much money have you spent monthly eating regular food. Now start calculate your monthly expenses when you became vegan. You will notice that you will spend same amount of money or even the less. The most expensive food is actually meet.

You have great healthy alternatives for every food vegans are not allowed to eat. Yes, there are substitute for eggs and milk. As a binder, substitute for each egg:1/4 cup soft tofu mixed with liquid or 1 small banana, mashed or 1/4 cup apple or 2 tablespoons of corn starch.

Some things that you need to know. Vitamin D is not found in the vegan diet but can be made by humans following exposure to sunlight. At least ten to fifteen minutes of summer sun on hands and face two to three times a week is recommended for adults so that vitamin D production can occur. Calcium, needed for strong bones, is found in dark green vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soy milk and orange juice, and many other foods commonly eaten by vegans.You can also use vitamin D supplement. B12 is also hard to find in the vegan diet, but it is not impossible. Nutritionists recommend nutritional yeast because yeast contain B12.

how to become a vegan

As you see, there are no instructions on how to become a vegan. Becoming a vegan is not such a hard thing at all, it is just matter of decision, good reasons and strong will.