Essential Vegan Grocery List

 The proper nutrition has been one of the most important topics for the past few years. Realizing that the consummation of the industrially produced food and stress are the main causes of many diseases, more and more people turn to the different, healthier lifestyles, such as veganism and vegetarianism.

For those who still don’t know, the vegan diet is based on grains, beans, fruits and vegetables (these are the most important items on the vegan grocery list). Vegans never eat or wear animal products, which means they don’t eat eggs, milk and milk products, and don’t wear leather, fur, silk and wool. Although this seems impossible to many people who can’t imagine their lives without milk and meat, it is actually very easy, since there is a healthier alternative to everything today.

Before we present you the vegan grocery list, there is also one thing we must mention, something that worries many people who are about to become vegans; it’s a widespread myth that being vegan is expensive. But that’s not true. Like we said, beans and grains are one of the most important ingredients in the vegan dairy and they are very cheap. As vegan, you’ll spend a little extra on fresh veggies, especially organic ones, but even an omnivorous diet includes some vegetables. Also, packaged store-bought vegan sausages and other store-brought items are always more expensive than homemade variants. So, you can also save some money making your own sausages, salad dressings, toppings…

Finally, here’s the vegan grocery list, started as essential, but we later extended it adding the items that are commonly used in vegan diary, although they are not actually considered essential.

fresh vegetables

fresh fruit

essential vegan grocery list - spices and herbs

essential vegan grocery list - nuts and beans

essential vegan grocery list - seeds and grains

essential vegan grocery list - canned food, condiments and sauces

essential vegan grocery list - dairy and cheese substitutes and groceries

essential vegan grocery list - beverages and frozen

essential vegan grocery list - baking

essential vegan grocery list - vinegars, oils, snacks