High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet

The latest craze in plant-based diet world, is the idea of a high carb low fat vegan diet. Typically, the worst part of dieting is that most calorie restricting diet plans do not contain sufficient nutrients to get us through the day properly. The result is that we feel hungry almost all the time, drained of energy, and always tired. This is what makes losing weight such an impossible task. Most people will get tired of being hungry and grumpy very quickly, so the risk of going bad to their old eating habits is very high. The best way to lose weight, stay fit and have enough energy is to have the right number of meals, plus snacks, which will give us enough energy to allow us to do anything we want, including working out. So a high carb low fat vegan diet may be just the trick.

high carb fruit and vegetables

A vegan diet means not consuming any animal products whatsoever. So meat, eggs, milk and dairy products are out of the list. The diet consists in consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you are wondering how you can get all the energy you need by eating just these – there’s no need for concern. You can get everything you need from such a diet, and enjoy many delicious meals. Many sportsmen, including athletes and fighters, have adopted the vegan diet, as they feel more energetic, in a better mood and found it easy to stay fit this way. (Check out our article on famous vegan athletes here.) Plus, a vegan diet is cleaner than a meat-based diet with higher fiber content, which will help cleanse your body more efficiently. So, what does one needs to consume on the high carb low fat vegan diet?

Here is our simple guide to a high carb low fat vegan diet:

high carb fruit

There are plenty of carbs you can enjoy in a large variety of recipes if you eat veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, any whole grains, and pasta. The best part of this diet that it doesn’t contain fats or bad cholesterol, as in the case of animal products. Well, you will get fats from the fatty acids and oils provided in some foods, especially nuts and seeds, but these are the right type of fats you should offer your body. So you can start by consuming fruits. They are an excellent way to get vitamins into your system. Fruits contain a great deal of water, as hydration is necessary, and can be something sweet to have if you are craving it. The fructose in fruits is harmless, so you can enjoy any fruit you like, whenever you please. But, do try to be careful if you want to eat dried fruits, as their content of sugars is higher. You can enjoy them, but try to do so in reasonable portions. As for fresh fruits- bananas, apples, pears, raisins, mangoes, pineapple, and many others, contain a significant amount of carbs your body can enjoy throughout the day. All of these are fair game – eat as much as you like! 

Vegetables are a must in any diet because they have tons of fiber, minerals, vitamins, water, many carbs and little fat. You can eat as many veggies as you like, fresh or slightly cooked, without the fear of gaining weight. Of course, there are some vegetables that have more carbs than the rest. Potatoes and sweet potatoes, winter squash, and yams are all vegetables rich in carbohydrates. And, of course, you should not ignore the legumes, because most of them are highly nutritious, having a large quantity of protein and carbohydrates, very low in fat and rich in fibers. Anything that grows inside of a pod is a legume, so lentils, peas, all sort of beans, and soy, they are all great if added to your daily diet. They can keep you feeling full for quite a while, due to their high-quality nutritional value.80 10 10

Also, you can diversify your diet with whole grains. Always opt for the whole grains, whether you are looking for oat for your oatmeal, for rice, or pasta. Whole grains are packed full of nutrition, including sufficient fibers and vitamins. With all these, even if you don’t consume animal products, you won’t get bored with your food options. Diversity is great in the vegetable world, so you will have plenty of foods to choose from. Perhaps an example of what you can eat through the day may help you better understand how the high carb low fat vegan diet goes. One of my favorite ingredients to cook with is Quinoa– it’s filled with both carbs and protein, so it packs a big nutritional bunch. Plus it cooks in just a few minutes and makes a great base for tons of different vegan recipes. But remember that this is a small example since you can enjoy many more delicious dishes – the only limit is your imagination.

Your day should start with a healthy breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. If you are not accustomed to having breakfast, you should start getting used to it, because it is not healthy at all to skip breakfast. The lighter meals of a vegan diet may make breakfasts more enjoyable. A great option of the morning, is a smoothie made out of fresh ingredients, or a monomeal. A monomeal means that you will have a meal consisting of a single type of food until you feel full. Go for fruits, such as pineapple, watermelon, or mango. For a more indulgent breakfast, check out some of these vegan breakfast ideas.

At lunch, you can indulge yourself with a quinoa and veggie salad or any other low fat, high carb vegan recipe. This quinoa and beans recipe makes a tasty lunch and easy to pack for work or school. 

At dinner, you can choose from  pasta, potatoes, rice, or beans as the main ingredient. For example, this vegan pad thai recipe is a great high carb, low fat option. And do not forget about snacks and desserts, which are fruits of your choice, whenever you feel the need.

high carb low fat diet

So a high-carb low-fat diet is not impossible to achieve, and it is extremely healthy and great if you want to lose weight. You can enjoy a broad range of fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole cereals. Although the vegan diet allows the consumption of seeds and nuts, you may want to avoid them, if you wish to keep the fat low. Nuts are great for health, but they do contain a large quantity of oils. Other than that, you can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts, using the previously mentioned ingredients. Enjoy!