How to Make Homemade Tofu !

Instructions for making superb veggie food ( delicious )
Few people have not heard of tofu . As vegetarians and those who are not (yet 🙂  .Tofu can be purchased at almost all major book stores and at all  serious restaurants . There is a rapidly expanding network of homemade tofu , the people who made tofu for a couple dozen friends and acquaintances . This tofu is even better because when its prepared  people devote more attention and love in the making, and get it completely fresh , and cheaper also.

how to make tofu

For this pleasant meditative work , you need an hour and a half of inner peace and tranquility , an apron and food and props listed and described in the story of the making of tofu that follows : 600 grams of beans ( preferably organic or grown in your garden ) in the grain to leave 12 hours rest in the water . Such strain ( some recommend that peel soybean shell) place (two by two tea cups ) in a blender minimum power rating of 500 watts ( the best are those made of 700 watts or more ) and putting enough water to the mix can get something like Thick milk . On 600 grams of soybeans goes  total of 8.5 decileters water .


Pure each round water and soy strain through cheesecloth in to pot in which you cook it all . The pot should be slightly higher so that when you boil the mixture is not boiling out . Boil the mixture ten minutes , until the boil and while you can not reduce the amount of foam on the surface , and then the entire amount of hot soy mixture suddenly pour into a large , high container or pot in which you have previously poured melted nigari algae ( seaweed 20 grams in 2.5 ml water ) which will thicken your tofu in a compact mass . Do not touch or move 15 to 20 minutes , and then the newly condensed mixture pour into prepared mold gauze coated on all sides . Cover molds and squeeze a little mixture to drain and then leave some weight to all the time squeezing from above wrapped mixture.


If you want a soft tofu mixture, leave it to drain into the mold for 25 minutes. If you want harder (firmer) tofu, leave it about half an hour. 

After removal from the mold and gauze, fully soak tofu  in a glass jar with water, cover and refrigerate no more than a week and a half.


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