Is margarine vegan?

vegan margarineProbably most frequently asked question is whether margarine is vegan? This question makes doubts in many people because they are connecting it with butter, and butter is made on the basis of dairy products. There are several types of margarine that are vegan friendly but it is necessary to carefully read the label of the product. If you see that in itself has whey or lactose, then do not buy this margarine, since these are the products of animal origin.

Margarine is usually made from soy, but it may contain milk in traces, or as we have already pointed out whey. Another hint that you will probably not pay attention to is vitamin D. To create margarine, sometimes is used vitamin D3, which is of animal origin. But also sometimes is used vitamin D2 which is of plant origin, so make sure not to mix these two vitamins. The best solution for all vegetarians is to buy margarine that is 100% made from soybean, or if you want to be absolutely sure buy the one on which is written vegan margarine.

If you are deluded about can you use vegan margarine instead of butter to make some delicious recipes instead of regular margarine, do not be. Because you will get the same taste and your recipe will not fail. All you need to do is to use the same amount of vegan margarine as it is written in recipe for regular margarine. I hope you found the answer to your question ‘is margarine vegan?’, so now you can enjoy in many dishes. Have a good meal.