Samuel L. Jackson Said He Went Vegan Because He Wants to Live Forever

Samuel L. Jackson is making the rounds, promoting his latest film “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and everyone can not help but find his new view extremely cool .


When asked by a reporter what his secret is, the 65-year old celebrity responded, “It Is a fresh vegan diet.”

“Is it for a particular function?” the reporter inquired.

“No. Only striving to live eternally. Striving to finish out my Marvel deal.”

Jackson also seems to be referring to the incredible health benefits one can appreciate when embracing a plant-based diet loaded with whole foods. Whether he’s protecting his heart, his blood pressure or only fending off cancer, research backs the actor up that a vegan diet can indeed result in a fine long life. Which is great for us, because we want him to be Nick Fury forever.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” reaches U.S. theaters April 4th.


via yahoo news