Top 10 Vegan Restaurants Around the World

Vegans who travel know good how hard can be finding a vegan restaurant, especially in the small towns. The number of vegan restaurants in the world is not big but the good news is that it increases due to increasing the number of vegans. The restaurant we’ve listed here all serve organic and non-GMO food, always use fresh and healthy ingredients and prepare incredibly delicious food nicely served in the beautiful ambient. If you travel to some of these cities we recommend you to visit these great restaurants:

1.  Bon – Taito-ku (Tokyo, Japan)

Bon - Taito-ku

Bon, the restaurant which name means ‘Buddhist believer’ is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in the world. Above all, it is famous for its cuisine of Zen Buddhist monks. This unique restaurant serves fucha ryori, a balance of 6 tastes (bitter, sweet, hot, sour, delicate and salty) and and 5 methods of cooking (grilled, steamed, raw, deep fried and boiled). The service of the restaurant is great, the meals are wonderfully presented and the ambient is stunning. If you ever had the opportunity to visit this place, you should not miss it.

2. Raw (Chicago, Illinois)


The place where you can find fully uncooked, 100% plant-based products of the highest quality and extremely delicious, is one of the most famous vegan restaurants Raw, located in Chicago, Illinois. It is said to be expensive for everyday people, but those who can afford meals in this restaurant say they tasted there the best organic raw vegan meals, snacks and drinks such as raw pizza, various smoothies, salads, pastas, desserts, ect.

3. Green Point (Cusco, Peru)

Green Point, peru

Known as huge animal lovers, people from Green Point restaurant alway provide ways to produce great food that contain no animal products. This restaurant is simply amazing, from the wonderful unusual ambient with nice decoration, lovely and friendly atmosphere and people, great service, to incredibly tasty meals.

Green Point

4. The Veggie Grill (Hollywood, California)

The Veggie Grill - Hollywood

The Veggie Grill is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant where you can find some of the tastiest vegan sandwiches and burgers, various salads, but also pastas, sauces and other vegan food. One more great thing about this restaurant is that it is not expensive at all and yet it offers high-quality food.


5. Kao’s (Malmo, Sweden)

Kao's Malmo, Sweden

Located in the heart of Malmo, restaurant Kao’s offers to Sweden residents and visitors lots of delicious vegan food. Those who were lucky to have lunch or dinner there say the food is extraordinary, especially cakes and other vegan desserts.

6.  Loving Hut (Menton, France)

Loving Hut

Located in the area called ‘The Pearl of France,’ a popular destination for international tourists, Loving Hut restaurant offers not only incredibly delicious food but also the stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant is also known for its great service, friendly waiters and warm atmosphere. Some say you shouldn’t leave this place without trying some of their delicious desserts.


7. Sutra (Seattle, Washington)

sutra, seattle 1

Sutra is not an ordinary restaurant and there are lot of thing that make it different from the other vegan restaurants. For example, they have the changing menu, which means their menu is pre-set everyday with the option of 3 or 4 full courses. Prix-fixe menu changes according to the “intuition and inspirations” of the chef, who is also a professional yoga instructor.

 8. Let It Be (Berlin, Germany)

let it be germany

This restaurant offers plenty of dishes all prepared of 100% vegan ingredients and whatever you choose, you won’t regret. If you go there on weekends you can try their breakfast specials and if you go on the third Sunday of the month they will offer you brunch. As for the ambient, the restaurant looks very beautiful decorated with colorful details.

9. Pingala Cafe & Eatery (Burlington, Vermont)

Pingala Cafe and Eatery

Pingala Cafe & Eatery is known to be a peaceful place where you can enjoy reading a book or having a conversation with friends, enjoying the veiw of the Winooski River, eating some of their delicious and creative meals or doing whatever you like. As for the food, it is excellent! They are known for combining innovative ingredients and preparing creative meals.

10. Real Food Daily (Pasadena, California)


According to the restaurant, this place is the only in the Los Angeles area that serves “100 percent plant-based menu using foods grown exclusively with organic farming methods.” Real Food Daily that has restaurants on three locations (Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Pasadena) always pushes the boundaries aiming to produce interesting, delicious and healthy food.